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Private tuition available as hourly or half-hourly lessons, online or at my home studio. Very competitive / affordable rates.

Professional singers to day one beginners are all welcome.

Come and learn just for personal pleasure or to get seriously involved in the music industry.

I teach all popular styles - Pop, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Soul, R'nB, Dance, Folk, Indie, Country, etc, etc.

Singing lessons are like going to the will be given a program of technical exercises and ear training workouts that will provide you with the tools to steadily improve your voice and musicianship. I can even video the lesson and email you your weekly practice routine.

Each student is given a personally tailored course to suit individual needs, whether that be:

- Preparing for solo performances, gigs, shows, concerts, auditions, etc.
- Developing your songwriting and improvisation skills.

​- A performance at a friend’s birthday or singing that special song on your wedding day.

- Learning to sing with others in harmony (group harmony workshops).

- Or purely just for fun!

What you will get in the lesson:

​​- An internationally renowned vocal technique - Estill Voice Training System.

  Learn how your "instrument" works, how to control it and to achieve impressive voice qualities (or tones).

- The opportunity to record your own covers or originals with my fully equipped vocal recording facilities.

- Understand vocal technique and music theory in a fun and easy way for personal pleasure or to take exams with fully accredited graded syllabus.

Congratulations to Lauren Murray, my student, friend and colleague, who came fourth in the 2015 XFactor (UK)! I am so very proud of all Lauren's achievements as her vocal coach and mentor. I have watched her grow and develop into an amazingly accomplished singer, and beautiful, kind-hearted, bubbly soul. I have trained Lauren since she was 14 and also trained her to teach with me at Ebony & Ivory studios in London, which she did for 5 years. Lauren has moved on to bigger and better things and we wish her every success in her career.

(See Lauren's visit to Ebony & Ivory in video below, at 0:30 mins)

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